About Our College

Mission and Vision

1. To disseminate higher education, especially among the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and poor peasantry classes of people of Samuktala and its neighbourhood.
2. To elevate the socio-economic status of the common people of Samuktala and its adjacent surrounding through growth of higher education.
3. To inculcate a sense of confidence and self awareness amongst the economically backward classes.
4. To increase the sense of integrity and communal harmony amongst the people of this region. Establishment of equal opportunities among different classes of people irrespective of their sex, caste, religion and socio-economic status.
5. To impel the students of the college to engage themselves for the welfare of the society.
6. To motivate the students to participate in extracurricular activities along with their academic educational activities.
7. To raise consciousness and awareness about the environment and ecology amongst the students.

About the College

Samuktala Sidhu Kanhu College is a rural, govt-aided undergraduate college affiliated to North Bengal University. It is a newly established college which started functioning since December of 2010. Nestled within the scenic beauty, surrounded by lush green tea gardens and forests in the natural ambience of the sub Himalayan Duars region, the college is located 15 kilometres away from Alipurduar town at Samuktala Gram Panchayat under Alipurduar Block-II in the district of Alipurduar. It is a standalone centre of higher education within a radius of 20 kilometres catering to the educational needs of students mostly belonging to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe and the downtrodden minority communities. Samuktala Sidhu Kanhu College came into existence through the vision and strenuous efforts of a group of academicians, social activists, political leaders and esteemed personals from various walks of life of Samuktala dedicated towards the social and educational upliftment of the rural, minority and tribal community. With this aim in mind the college is aptly named – Samuktala Sidhu Kanhu College. About six years into its establishment, the college is taking fledgling yet enduring steps towards empowering the lesser privileged masses by making higher education accessible to them thereby, making a humble attempt to be an instrument and medium of social change and educational advancement.

Brief History of the College

The college is a living embodiment of a long-cherished dream of the local people who always wished an institute of higher education to be established in this region. Accordingly, with the generous efforts of few academicians, social activists, politicians and with the active co-operation of the local people, the college had started its journey in 2010. At the initial stage, the college consisted of few guest teachers, non-teaching staff and very few students under the strong leadership of Dr. Saradendu Chakraborty as the principal of the college. The classes were regularly held at Saontalpur Mission High School as a morning-session. The college had made its first breakthrough in 2014 when a bunch of fresh teachers, with vigour and enthusiasm, blessed its corridors with their presence. But the lack of proper college building was always a menace for the maintenance of its working. Finally the day came when the college is able witness its historic moment on March of 2017 when it was shifted to its proper building. At present, the college has enough teaching and non teaching staff, sufficient classrooms and many more advance facilities. Six subjects of Humanities with honours in Bengali are taught here and we are hopeful to start honours in many more subjects.

College Infrastructure

The College building stands on a sprawling 6 acres land surrounded by forests and river in the village of Boropukhuria. The college possesses a humble building but with sufficient classrooms, the Principal’s office, a teachers’ room, a small library and an advance virtual classroom. The present building construction was executed by the monetary fund granted by Department of Higher Education, Govt. Of West Bengal and another promise has been given to us and the fulfilment of which will enable us to extend our college buildings and equip the college with more facilities.