General Notice

Date Occassion Preview
15/02/2020 Test Click to view
14/09/2019 Process For Generating NAD Id – Offline eKYC Aadhaar based
14/09/2019 Instruction for Opening NAD Id Non-Adhar
12/09/2019 Reopening of College Website for Online Admission Application Session-2019-20
08/07/2019 Notice for Payment of New Applicants who applied from 01/07/19 to 05/07/19
26/06/2019 4th Phase E-Counselling in Hons Subjects
24/06/2019 3rd Phase of E-Counselling for B.A. Honours Courses
20/06/2019 1st Phase of E-Counseling for B.A. Program Courses(Pass Course)
20/06/2019 Publication of 2nd Phase of E-Counseling for B.A. Honours Courses
17/06/2019 Notice for 1st Phase E-Counselling in Honours Subjects