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02/04/2022 ADMISSION NOTICE Click to view
10/03/2022 Class Notice Click to view
10/03/2022 Registration Certificate Issue Notice session 2021-2022 Click to view
05/03/2022 Admission Details of 2nd, 4th & 6th Semesters-2022 Click to view
10/02/2022 Guidlines for Submitting Answer Scripts of UG Exam, 2021 Click to view
07/02/2022 Distribution of the Blank Answer Scripts for Upcoming Examinations, 2022 Click to view
04/02/2022 Most Urgent: Additional Dates for Filling up Examination Forms for B.A 1st, 3rd & 5th Semesters, Click to view
13/01/2022 Registration Number of 1st Sem Students(pdf) Click to view
13/01/2022 Registration Details of 1st Semester (Hons & Program) Students Click to view
05/01/2022 NOTICE FOR ASSIGNMENTS Click to view